I’m here to help you whenever you need it.

Do you need help with breaking down a scene or script?

Want to practise poses from headshots or full-body shots?

Need a better understanding of how to treat acting as a business?

Below you’ll find a list of the different services I provide.

Need help with something that’s not on the list, write and ask if it’s something I can do.

Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.

– Sanford Meisner

  • Scene Study for your upcoming audition or self-tape.
  • Study-Buddy to help you learn your lines.
  • E-mail writing to agents and managers that will get opened.
  • Strategy to search for and find the perfect representation for you.
  • Graphic Design tasks like Resume/CV, One-Page, One-Sheet etc.
  • Affirmation call! I’ll make YOU remember just how awesome you are!